What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

Anthony Jesko did a great job explaining what was happening and was patient as we 'mourned' items being removed.  He was also very patient as he worked with his less experienced coworker.

Kimberly, Joe, and Anthony were very courteous and knowledgeable.  They set me at ease about the cleanup and what needed to be done.

Anthony was fast, courteous, and informative. I would recommend him and SERVPRO.

Anthony was prompt each day, great at updating the process and extremely professional throughout the entire process.  Having such a mess, it was a relief to deal with such kind and compassionate, knowledgeable people.

SERVPRO was professional and attentive.

Keep doing what you are doing! Kimberly and Team were FANTASTIC!!! Thank you! :)

AJ and Perry were wonderful.

Anthony is an amazing asset to this company!

Great job! The guys made sure the place got cleaned up and took care of the place like it was their own.

Excellent and prompt service.

Excellent service!

They offered very prompt service for a sewage backup cleanup job, they gave a thorough cleaning & sanitizing, they checked back several times to monitor the drying process, and even retrieved some items for us that were inadvertently discarded during cleanup. We were very happy with the courteous & professional help from Perry, Steve, Kimberly, and Antany.

Helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, professional, all around amazing.

Very professional, friendly, and very helpful throughout our water damage.

Everyone was fantastic to work with.

They were super speedy and professional. My basement has never been this clean or dry.

I couldn't have asked for more.  They were a great help!  Thank you!!

Joe & Kris are wonderful, they worked really hard.  My kitchen is so clean!  Great Job!

The service and employees were very prompt, professional, and compassionate. Also very accommodating to our needs.

I was very pleased and appreciative of Perry and Dave. They set up fans and dehumidifiers on the weekend and I was impressed by the speedy results and service.

AJ and Anthony were awesome!

Anthony and Antany came right out and quickly assessed situation and began mitigation.  Prompt, courteous, and professional.

Anthony and Nick cleaned up after themselves. They did a GREAT job of cleaning.

I have no recommendations for improvements.  I would highly recommend Anthony and Perry to help anyone with restoration needs.  They were friendly, on-time, and explained everything.

SERVPRO was great all around.  From the initial call all the way to the equipment being pulled.  Anthony - Amazing, personable, considerate, and great customer service.  Kim also did a great job.

Antany was incredibly accommodating and helpful.  Thanks so much!

Joe/Kris/AJ did a great job!

Prompt, professional, and competent.

Great work by entire crew.

Very professional.  Great clean up, work, and courteous.  I would definitely recommend them.

Dave and the in-home team were great to work with as on top of this loss we lost a family member on 6/22 and had to leave town unexpectedly.  They worked through our situation with our neighbor and we really appreciate everything!

SERVPRO is exactly that - Professional.  Antany Cloud is an exceptional knowledgeable technician.  You have a valuable employee.  I appreciate his work and excellence.

SERVPRO's team was friendly, courteous, and did a very nice job.

Just wanted to give a nod to Dave Stratton who helped clean up our Zeeland home recently. He was kind, professional, knowledgeable and polite.

Kris and Steven were very clear in helping me understand the nature of the damages and the service they were to provide.  They went above and beyond in giving me the peace of mind that the job would be fair, honest, and of the highest quality.

Call them right away!

Continue the good customer service!

Highly professional, amazing staff.  Happy with prompt service and all representatives took time to explain what steps were.

Excellent service.

Good job.

They did a great job.  Thank you.  I will recommend you.

Thank you for the great job done.  The workers did a super job to restore the water problem.

It was peace of mind to have them come as soon as I was aware of problem, same day!

Excellent at what you do, from start to finish.  Great job, thank you!!

Antany and Dave were exceptionally professional and thoughtful. We were very impressed.

No recommendations. You all have made this an easy situation.  Antany has been a huge help through this process.  We appreciate all of the assistance and knowledge he has provided.

When you're good - it's hard to get better!

Antany and his team (Dave and Ryan) did a great job!

Thank you so much.  The process was quick and easy; I'm very impressed!!  Keep up the good work!

Very impressed by everyone on crew.

I appreciated how every team member greeted me with a smile & a business card.  I enjoyed working with Josh, Kimberly and Antany.

Great Crew & Efficient!

Very Professional, Courteous and Prompt.

Very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly personnel. They also worked quickly and efficiently and kept us apprised on all steps they were taking. Thank you!!

Everything went well. Good Work!

Highly recommend Kris - Great crew!

Hopefully we do not flood again, but if we do, we know who to call. Assistance with our insurance company was so helpful! The on-site team (Anthony) provided info that helped our adjuster do his job. 

Anthony & Ant were kind, knowledgeable and professional. Thank you!

Kris, Steven, and Kimberley did a great job!

Staff was incredibly professional and helpful!

Josh was very responsive to my questions and exceeded my expectations.

Just wanted to let you know that Kris did a great job on my problem. You have an excellent employee. Give him a raise, he deserves it!

Thanks for helping me!

I am very happy with the service.

Good group, professional, and very knowledgeable. Thank you (Kim, Kris, Justin, Ryan, Mike) so much!

Everything was excellent! We have no recommendations to improve their performance.

Great humor and comradery among the team members. We enjoyed having them in our home!

Kris was very professional and courteous. He answered all my questions and did a wonderful job!

David was respectful and professional. In my opinion, he knows his job, is a good worker and he likes what he is doing.

Great service!

They were terrific, timely, showed up on time, and did an outstanding job. They did everything that needed to be done, were professional, and great in times of stress on an owner. Thanks for sending out your "A Team"!

Mike & Bill were very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable! 

No rush job and I like that both young men were very professional. Pleased with the work that was done. 

Very happy with service & personal attention to detail. 

Great staff, very efficient in dealing with my water damage to my home. Satisfied to date with SERVPRO. 

Mike was awesome. Mike and Office Staff made everything great. Thank you!

Thank you SERVPRO for your professional service and concern to me & my family at this time of distress!

I could not be happier with the results & service!

I can't say enough good about your guys. I just wanted you to know that they work hard. It is very warm and it is a tough job and they are doing it well. And they are professional. You provide a great service and a much needed service. Kris, Josh and Antany are the three guys that I have seen on my job and they are great. I am very grateful that your competitor never got back with me. The only reason I called them is because they had a branch in Holland and thought it would be more convenient for them otherwise I would've called you first. It will be a long road but our children are OK and my wife loves me. This is nothing compared to what some people go face. Thanks to SERVPRO and Auto Owners, we are really in good hands.

Our SERVPRO tech even took time to bring our garbage can up the drive and put it away...it is the extra things that make it special. Thank you!

Very pleased with the Lead Tech, Dave. Very Professional & Knowledgeable. 

Keep up the good work. Will recommend SERVPRO to others.

SERVPRO always answered questions thoroughly. They were sensitive to our concerns. Updates were good. Always Professional, Courteous, and Efficient.

Very Please with SERVPRO. Technicians were very polite, answered all of my questions. 

Mike & Jesse are assets to this company. Very Professional!

Thank You! Josh is very informative and wonderful to work with.

Outstanding Response and Work!

Jesse did an excellent job explaining the process to us. Thank You

Mike & Jesse were very competent  and excellent!

SERVPRO is very Professional. Mike & Jesse did an excellent job! Thank You! We feel so much better. Thanks for helping us!

Jesse was Great!!!!

Jesse was very thorough with his explanation of how to clean up the sewer back up. He went over and above to help explain to my tenant what needed to happen. Very professional. Thank You!

SERVPRO did a wonderful job! I would call them again if I had a problem.

As Always, SERVPRO was there when we needed them. Thank you! Jesse did a great job!

SERVPRO techs (Mike & Chase) were very professional and nice gentlemen.

Many thanks to Jesse. He has been so professional, very kind and very thorough. If necessary for future damage (hopefully none), we would definitely want Jesse back. 

SERVPRO staff were very professional and friendly. Jesse is terrific! So friendly and knows exactly what he is doing!

The reason for my score of 10 is the SERVPRO staff. All the guys who came to our house but Jesse Thomas was phenomenal. Whatever titles he holds, it needs to be upgraded. He is excellent at his job.

Everyone I dealt with was knowledgeable and easy to work with. I would recommend your company. 

Jesse, Kris, Dave and Billy were very pleasant to deal with.

Josh, Tyler and Billy were nice guys to work with. Very easy going and straight forward. Great Team!

Ben and Derrek were friendly and helpful. I have NO complaints.

Great Service! Tyler showed up promptly, explained everything with great detail!

Kris Davros did a great job!

SERVPRO has Helpful staff, polite, answered our questions, explained everything they were doing, made sure we were informed every step of the way. 

The SERVPRO team was very Professional & Knowledgeable. 

SERVPRO provided a Great Team to work with!

Mike (crew chief) and Billy (tech) provided Great Service and were Courteous Technicians!

Tyler & Jason are Great Guys!

Jesse (tech), Kyle (tech) and Dave (tech) were excellent and a pleasant team! Thank you!

Kyle (tech), Dave (tech) and Mike (crew chief) were very polite gentlemen, very informative, very helpful and answered all questions. Very Satisfied!

Tyler (technician) and Kyle (technician) are great guys!

SERGIO (crew chief) and Jesse (technician) were Great!

SERVPRO was very professional & courteous.

Thank you for all of the Great Friendly Staff at SERVPRO.

SERVPRO technicians Ben & Billy did a very good job!

SERVPRO team was First-Rate, A-1! Mike and Tyler did a First Rate Job.

All of your people at SERVPRO did a great job! Thanks!

I have always been impressed with SERVPRO's response time and level of Customer Service.

Very Helpful! Very Professional!

Very Courteous and knowledgeable - very helpful - Thanks!

Everything SERVPRO did was great. Thank You! Mike & his team were wonderful & nice to work with.

No improvement needed. Could not have been more satisfied with work performed by Mike and John. Very knowledgeable & polite. We would highly recommend SERVPRO.

Excellent Service! Personable, Caring Staff!!

SERVPRO has a Great Team!

Sergio & Tyler provided Fantastic Service! Will definitely recommend to others.

Every SERVPRO Employee did an incredible job every day they were here. We were very surprised at how fast they got rid of the odor also. We will call when ready to have the carpet sanitized. Thank You So Much.

Mike, Ben and Kris were FABULOUS! Could not have asked for BETTER SERVICE! 

Mike & Kris from SERVPRO were very, very helpful during the whole process. Thanks to all those that helped with the loss at my home!

SERVPRO technicians Tyler and Jason were really professional & courteous. Fast too!

Sergio, Tyler and Mike were very competent and friendly. I am sure that any work done by the SERVPRO technicians will be done proficiently and competently! OUTSTANDING All the Way!

Highly Recommend Their Services, Their Work Was Outstanding!!!

Called SERVPRO this weekend due to a sewage backup in our basement. Crew came out the same night and started the job. They worked into the night and came back the next morning. So grateful for their hardworking and friendly attitude. It really helped take the stress out of our situation!

SERVPRO crews came when scheduled. Super fast on the cleanup, Great team of guys. Took care of the situation. Will use them again if needed.

Mike & Ben were very professional but friendly.  They explained everything that needed to be done.

I was impressed with how the SERVPRO technicians were willing to come on a Friday evening.  Very Courteous and Knowledgeable! Mike continued to be prompt, courteous and helpful in all ways! Thank you!

Mike & Jason were very professional and courteous.  I am extremely satisfied with their work.  Thank You!

Tyler was a very nice Service Technician (with booties)!

Sergio & Jason were great guys! I hate giving 10's because there is always room for improvement however they get ALL 10's!

The SERVPRO technicians (Mike & Josh) have been wonderful and extremely non-judgmental of my nightmare basement. They were very pleasant and did as much as they could in a days work.  Truly appreciate that!! Thank you!

Expectation EXCEEDED My Expectations! Greatly appreciate the Professionalism of SERVPRO.

The SERVPRO Guys were on point with Everything.

Thank YOU! Very grateful to the folks at SERVPRO...helped me in my hour of need.

Dave, Mike and John were Fantastic!!! SERVPRO has the Best Service EVER! Very Professional and Helpful!

Josh and Dave from SERVPRO were very friendly & helpful - Especially on Christmas Day!

I really appreciate the prompt response by SERVPRO.

I was very nervous over situation.  It ended up so perfect.  Very happy with SERVPRO's service.  Very Professional! No recommendations, everything was perfect!

SERVPRO has Excellent Customer Service!

SERVPRO is Fabulous to work with!

The SERVPRO technicians came when scheduled.  Super fast on the clean-up. Great team of guys.  Took care of the situation.  Will use them again if needed.

I really appreciate the support given by each SERVPRO team member.

Dear Jeremy and the rest of the SERVPRO people,

I just wanted to send a Thank You telling you what a great job SERVPRO did for me.  Kim on the phone did such a great job making me feel at ease and Tyler, Tyler and Dave did a stellar job communicating what they were about to do and executing it.  Thanks again! SERVPRO was a huge help during a stressful situation.  Seriously, Dave FAR SURPASSED my expectations.  So respectful, knowledgeable and helpful.  Tyler and Tyler are such great workers.  It was nice having one main guy. Would I recommend? HECK YEA!

I could not have gotten through this week without the confidence of Dave. Thank You!

SERVPRO was prompt and professional! Appreciated!

From your service on the latest incident in that haunted condominium, I cannot compliment Brandon Wilburn enough. Especially on the way he continually kept me updated throughout the drying process...as well as trying to advise my landlord on the proper way to proceed with the restoration.

The crew did an awesome job. Great to work with! Very pleasant and knowledgeable. They even had to shovel to get up the drive - Above and beyond!!!

It's not often you can say that was a GREAT service call. Josh was very professional and quick to respond to questions with answers that were easily understood.

All of the staff were great at explaining all details. Very Happy!

What a knowledgeable and polite team. Tim Decker put my mind at ease on all aspects of the cleaning and restoring process.

All personnel were very supportive and reassured me that things "will get better". Respectful and helpful crew. I would recommend them in a minute.

Becca was awesome! Excellent with our residents, explained things very well. She really knows her stuff and I wish I could steal her from SERVPRO!

Sergio and Tyler are courteous, kind and knowledgeable. They are an incredible team and true professionals. SERVPRO is lucky to have them.

WOW! Super service! I just happened to see the SERVPRO truck in the neighborhood and Sergio took my name & number. Outstanding Company! I feel so fortunate and loved the fact each representative gave me a business card. I appreciated the fact that they didn't have radios playing. Tyler & Ryan S are Great Guys! Thank you so much!

Mike and Becca went beyond expectations!

Josh did a great job! Very courteous and knowledgeable! Everyone was very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend the SERVPRO Franchise to anyone! Thanks!

Wonderful service - your staff at SERVPRO are true professionals in every way. Your training is the BEST!

Josh was great to work with and answered all of our questions. We would highly recommend SERVPRO to people in our situation.

Very pleased with the QUICK RESPONSE and the SERVPRO CREW!!

Sergio and Tyler were very professional, kind, knowledgeable and understanding. SERVPRO did a fantastic job.

We are so thankful for the quick Emergency Response from Becca, Derek and SERVPRO. They did such a fine job and relieved us of the problems and worries immediately. We would recommend SERVPRO to anyone that had a problem. Brandon, Becca, Derek and Mike were outstanding to work with.

Thank you SERVPRO for your quick response and for coming out daily to check on the progress of the project. Great job, Mike, Derek, Chad and Brandon.

Sergio and Derek were very friendly and helpful! A great representation of SERVPRO!

Very happy with the SERVPRO crew that worked on my house. Very fine men.

Would recommend SERVPRO to anyone who needs good service and nice people. Sergio and Tyler were very courteous, professional and well trained with cleaning and restoration.

Brandon and Derek did a great job. They were very knowledgeable and courteous. I would recommend SERVPRO!

Thank you SERVPRO for all your help with this water issue. We appreciate you working with our tenant while we were away!

SERVPRO was very accommodating to our schedule. Friendly service. Would highly recommend them to anyone!

Mike at SERVPRO was very helpful and informative.  He was polite, knowledgable and very thorough.  Mike and Josh were prompt, courteous and very professional!

I was impressed by SERVPRO.  Tyler was right on top of the problem.  Josh was very professional and helpful.